Starting off a new week, means new music to spice it up! Waking up to sun shine peeking through my blinds makes waking up in the morning that much easier and puts me in a great mood to start my day. The artist that has been on repeat to start is Flume. This Australian DJ has had my heart since his debut self-titled album back in 2012. Flume is known for his dance music and has taken off with his newest album Skin that was released last year. The single, “Never Be Like You” was blasted all over the radio and it was clear that he had come back better than ever. While his original album features classics such as, “Holdin’ On” and, “Sleepless”, Flume’s new sound continues to hold the same wonky beats, but with a smooth undertone of rhythm and lyrics. This new album gave him a chance to work with bigger artists and collaborate with other genres to create something new. Ranging from rap artist, Vic Mensa to Australian singer, Kai, his work flows effortlessly between each song.



I personally own, “Skin” on vinyl and at first was unsure if I would like it as much as some other records I have, but it enhanced his sound. The album cover he has was art from an Australian artist named Johnathon Zawada. Both artists share a lot for art in both music and visual. They’ve worked together to create an art filled show and have publicly shared their opinions on encouraging young artists to follow their dreams and keep performing. I’ve tried to narrow down what song I find I like the most on the album, but in truth, I couldn’t pick just one. The album as a whole has all kinds of aspects that can be appreciated.