Alabama Shakes is the name of the band I’ve been listening to this week. Their sound can be compared to bands like, The Black Keys. The genres they are categorized as are, soul music, blues rock, and southern rock. Their sound consists of both male and female vocals. I find their music to be very soothing. Especially with the weather this week being a little gloomy, it’s the perfect sound to just listen to inside with a warm drink and relax. Specific songs that I really like from them include, Don’t Wanna Fight, Always Alright, and Sound & Color. Sound & Color is a personal favorite of mine. It’s a much slower paced song compared to their others.

I watched the music video for the song and was able to learn a new meaning to the song. Brittany Howard, one of the main vocals for the group, wrote the song and explained how she pictured and astronaut waking up from a deep sleep and being in a new world. He experiences flash backs trying to understand where he is. This explains the title of the song being, Sound & Color, as he experienced that while trying to make sense of this new life. I think that is something that can be applied to a lot of people that have to go through a not so easy transition in life. Whether it be dealing with a death, or moving. You experience a new world and look back on the life you had before with different sounds and color. The song itself is about 3 minutes long, but I constantly finding myself with it on replay wishing there was just one more minute of it.