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Mo’s Irish Pub celebrates halfway to Saint Patrick days with a party. 

On Saturday the 15th Mo’s had an annual celebration in the greater Milwaukee area.The event lasted from 11a.m. to 2 a.m.

The event was describe by facebook by the band “Killarney Blarney “as “Mo’s Irish Pub in Milwaukee will be celebrating halfway to Saint Patrick’s Day. $5 Guinness, green beer, food specials and, Killarney Blarney at 6pm. Come out and get your fill of all your favorite Irish tunes, traditional to modern!”

Mo’s also featured themselves on Facebook saying “Celebrate…like the Irish during our 1/2 to St. Patrick’s Day party! Enjoy food and drink specials, live music and Irish dancers!”

The celebration had free shots of Guinness, engraved glasses and real Irish dancers.

The evening started off with Irish dancers. The women who introduced them said “ These Irish dancers have competed in nationals and the young man is going to the international competition for step dancing in North Carolina.”She continued by “ Irish dancing for this who haven’t seen it is a tradition that goes back century’s. Its is one of the most important pieces of Irish culture.”

The Irish dancers dressed in the typical Irish garb and the traditional curly hair. The Irish dancing was lively and very loud. The noise made by the dancers feet echoed in Mo’s loud room. The dancing only lasted 20 minutes.

As the night progressed free shots of Guinness were given out. The shots were served typically by a server with a tray. The young girl who handed the Guinness out said “ Guinness will keep the night light hearted as it has done in Mo’s forever.” She continued by “ Guinness is an Irish tradition that I love.”

Before the night ended Live music was provided by Killarney Barney. Who play Irish folk songs who self describe themselves as “a traditional based Irish band from Madison, Wisconsin.”

As the night ended you were offered a free engraved glass. This glass had Guinness on it. The

women who was engraving the Glasses said “ It  is halfway to Saint Patricks Day and everyone should get a glass. This job is one of my fav writes that I am able to do here at Mo’s.” She continued by saying “ Mo’s is one of the best Irish bars in Wisconsin you really feel with all that is going on that you are transported to Ireland.