Henry Jenkins Interviews

Henry Jenkins on Transmedia

In the Henry Jenkins Transmedia video, the transition period in history where, between the change in ownership, content, and origin of media after the start of the digital age is examined. These changes have led to Convergence Culture. This video examines this concept, which is the public taking media into their own hands. This has led to increased copyright infringement. Convergence Culture has lead to more collective intelligence, on sites like Wikipedia. This phenomenon has allowed the public to do things like stand up for human rights. It has also allowed us to broaden our development of fiction works or non-fiction documentaries.

Henry Jenkins Interview Short

In the Henry Jenkins Interview short video. The interview opens with talking mostly about what was covered in the video above, while expanding into how new and old media work together. Convergence Culture states that social and cultural changes precede technological changes. As new technologies become easier to use due to cultural changes, they become widespread. In Participatory Culture, at the start of the digital age, it became popular to share content with anyone on the planet, which has been happening for a long time. Collective Intelligence is based on group work on a huge project. It also ensures the accuracy of content, provided everyone does their part.