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Waterford, Wisconsin brought out the best cyclists in the area on Sep. 29, 2018 during its first cyclocross race of the season.  Twenty-five of the area’s top racers came to Waterford to race in this new extreme sport.

Cyclocross is a European sport that is up and coming in the United States. Cyclocross is a sport that mixes between road biking, mountain biking, and some cross country racing as well. The race typically takes bikers across different terrains such as sand, grass, and gravel. During the race, racers also encounter steep hills and tight corners. The point of the race is to complete all obstacles with the fastest time.

Nate Erck, 21, of Omro, Wisconsin has raced in over twenty cyclocross races over a span of two years. Erck, who finished 4th at this year’s race, says that racing is very difficult. However, with all the difficulties comes rewards. Erck stated, “Everyone wants to finish at the top. Everyone wants to move up in rankings to make more money.” Erck plans to race in 12 more races this season and plans to move up at least two levels and to end his season with a professional cyclocross contract.

With athletes racing over different terrains, it can be difficult for family and friends to watch. Terri Tobias, whose son and husband race cyclocross, has been watching for years now. Tobias believes that the races are intense and that sometimes being a spectator is more thrilling than being the athlete.

Tobias’s son wrecked during his last race. Tobias said, “Watching him race is difficult. When he crashed, my heart skipped a beat.” Tobias believes that cyclocross is just as dangerous as any other sport in the world.

Tobias also commented that it takes a different kind of person to want to race over gravel and sand. Most of these athletes come from road racing. They may experience different situations where they needed to work as a team to help racers accomplish the track. “Here in cyclocross its all on you. Injuries happen all the time,” Tobias said.

Cyclocross has gained popularity over the past few years. Gaining more and more racers every season. Cyclocross is known as a sport where most athletes don’t compete against each other, but compete more against the clock.

The sport is becoming bigger and bigger each year in the United States. The future is truly bright for the new extreme sport.


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