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    Healthy Hounds Homemade Heaven- 3 easy treat recipes your furry friend with love

    Have you ever been to the store trying to find a treat for your pup that is not only delicious but also healthy? Then look no further. Here you will find three incredible easy recipes that will have your pup begging for more, all while keeping them healthy. The first recipe I am so excited to share with you is extremely simple and very cost-efficient.  Beginner Level Baker  Mix two cups of whole wheat flour and two jars of pureed baby food and water, roll out the dough that forms, and bake in the oven! I love cutting them out with a bone-shaped cookie cutter but whatever shape you chose…

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    Four Fall dates with Fido

    Welcome to the Spooky season! It’s finally the best time of year. The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are beginning to change. I have been secretly excited for fall for the past two months because it is my favorite season, but finally, I can make it public because today is October 1st! I was so excited to write this blog because I think that it is so fun.  So here it is… My all-time favorite fall activities to do with my pups! Visit a pumpkin patch!  The perfect pumpkin picture opportunity! Grab a cozy sweater and your dog’s favorite bandana and you’ll have the cutest picture on Instagram!…

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    Lickimat Lifesaver

    Congratulations! You have stumbled upon the ultimate guide to Lickimats… The best enrichment activity for your dog on the market right now. You may be thinking, what is a Lickimat? I’ve never heard of those! Well, you know those silicone mats that you may have seen at your local grocery store or even at your favorite department store? Those are Lickimats. They come in all shapes and sizes, different colors, and even different textures. The overall concept of a lickimat is to keep your dog entertained. Most people cover their mats with things like peanut butter or plain greek yogurt. I recommend being very careful if you decide to use…