Building Distrust in Leadership

Posted on April 28th, 2015 in Leadership Institute by Jan Bilgen

When we are in leadership positions we are constantly working with a team. Understanding team dynamics is imperative to working smoothly. This post will cover ways you can create distrust with the people you work with.

1 – Send A Detailed List Of Tasks Before A Project Begins.

Sending detailed lists of what to do signifies unwarranted distrust. The detailed list assumes someone will be error-prone even before they take the first step forward.

2 – Thank Someone Only For Insignificant Things Worked On.

Receiving this limited gratitude is like getting a ribbon for participation. No one wants to be thanked for just showing up and then ignored for the bigger achievements done. For the person delivering the small words of gratitude, they want to feel like they are saying “I trust you” yet they are really saying “You can do the small things well but not the big things.”

3 – Host A Brainstorming Session So Only Your Ideas Can Be Adopted.

A big meeting is scheduled to brainstorm new ideas on how to resolve a problem or undertake an initiative. The reality of the situation is the one calling the “brainstorming” session is just calling a session to validate their ideas. No real brainstorming actually occurs. These sessions are just tense re-hashing of old ideas, ones that certain leaders may be more comfortable.

4 – Change the Team’s Direction When the Manager is out of the Office.

The ultimate distrust is when another manager changes a team’s direction or introduces a new approach when the team’s manager is out of the office. Distrust is abound, along with undercutting the credibility of the manager. Sucking the credibility out of another leader is worse than firing them.

5 – Talk Endlessly At Someone.

Conversations are two-way. For some though, conversations are an opportunity to lecture. These “talks” happen under the guise of a conversation but they are really just lecture time. Distrust is built in one-way lectures promoted as a conversation.

With reading this post I hope you do not try anything of these things, and if you do participate in these actions, try not to.


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