4 Mistakes Some Leaders Make

Posted on April 14th, 2015 in Uncategorized by Jan Bilgen

With being human we all make mistakes, it is inevitable. Mistakes can actually be a blessing in disguise though. By committing a mistake, this gives us an opportunity to learn and grow. You may currently hold a leadership position, and if so, this post will point out some mistakes that leaders make.

1. Delegate findings and developing leaders

This has deep ramifications for the future of the organization.  You are the leader.   Finding and developing future leaders is your responsibility.  Don’t delegate it.

2. Confuse management with leadership

Most organizations are over managed and under led.  These are two distinctive and complimentary systems of action.

  • Leaders press for change.  Managers promote stability.
  • Leaders provide inspiration, vision and set direction.
  • Leaders prepare organizations for change and help them cope with it.
  • Leaders motivate people.  Managers control and problem solve.
  • Leaders recognize and reward success.

3.  Fail to create or institutionalize a culture of leadership within the organization

Creating the proper culture to develop leaders starts at the top.  It’s the leaders’ responsibility to create the culture to grow future leaders.

4. Fail to clearly communicate the vision of the organization

This needs to be done early and often.  Leaders need to clearly communicate the vision and direction of the organization.





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