The Leadership Challenge

Posted on April 1st, 2015 in Leadership Institute by Jan Bilgen

This weeks post is from Ariel Powers-Schaub. She supervises Arey, Benson, And Lee halls this year. She is a UWW alum and this is her fourth year here.

My favorite book about leadership I’ve ever read is The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner. I read this book in my Master of Ed program here at UWW. I was so excited while I was reading it because it finally felt like something I could use day-to-day! It didn’t feel like just another lofty book about leadership, and it didn’t leave me feeling like, “what is leadership, anyway?” It felt like a simple guide to leading others!  What Kouzes and Posner (and I’m sure their research assistants) did was survey all different kinds people all over the world about what they saw in strong leaders, and they come down to these five necessary things leaders do. In short:

1.       Model the way

Find your voice and affirm shared values.

2.       Inspire a Shared Vision

Envision the future and enlist others in that common vision.

3.       Challenge the Process

Take risks and learn from mistakes.

4.       Enable Others to Act

Foster collaboration and strengthen others.

5.       Encourage the Heart

Recognize contributions and celebrate victories!

If you want to learn more about their awesome study and finding – and seriously get some good ideas about exactly how to lead – check out their book for the library, or check out their website just for student leaders:


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