Trust & Leadership

Posted on March 17th, 2015 in Leadership Institute by Jan Bilgen

Developing trust with your coworkers is an integral part in order to have a productive work environment.  I know that it is hard for me to trust people at times, but it needs to happen so I can develop successful relationships. We all know that at the base of any relationship trust is required.  If we do not develop a sense of trust, a leader will most likely not have a good relationship with others.

Here are some ways to gain trust with your peers:

  • Do What You Say You Will Do – This the ultimate way to gain their trust. It means following through with what say you will do.
  • Trust & Nurture Them To Develop – To gain trust we need to trust others. It is a two-way street. We need to be patient and give them the time to grow and develop instead of forcing the issue.
  • Do The Right Thing – Regardless of whether or not anyone is watching you, integrity cannot be compromised. It takes many years to establish your credibility, but it only takes a few minutes to ruin it.
  • Care For Your People – Before we ask our people to do something for us, we must appeal to them and touch their heart.
  • Serve Your People – When we serve our people, we ensure that their interest is taken into consideration. By doing so, we don’t focus on who gets the credit. Our focus shifts to getting the job done.

Developing trust is vital to any relationship.  I know for some it might take quite some time for trust to develop, since it can easily be broken, but when it develops it will be worth it!


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