Spring Involvement Fair

Posted on February 10th, 2015 in Perspectives on Leadership by Jan Bilgen

Here is a message from Brendon Mendoza, who is one of the Involvement Interns in the Student Involvement Office,

Hey everyone!

Thinking about getting involved in some way this semester? There is an involvement fair this Wednesday 11-4pm in the Hamilton Room.  It is never too late to get involved!  You can join an organization or club anytime, no matter if you’re a first year student or senior, there’s always an opportunity to get involved on campus!

I was a late bloomer who didn’t really get involved on campus until I was a junior.  As I got involved on campus, I started to regret not getting involved earlier. The best advice I have for anyone interested in any organization or club is to just give a try, because you never know how much fun you will have and the amount of friends you can make. I always thought that you had to be freshman to get involved with an organization, but that definitely is not the case!

Many organizations and clubs host unique events that you might not experience otherwise. When I was a part of the Men’s Rugby Club we would travel across the country compete against other teams.  If I never joined the team I wouldn’t had the opportunity to travel and experience new areas. You never know where you might get to travel with an org or who you might meet by trying new things. I have met so many people through being involved with organizations on campus. If you like meeting new people and making friends joining an org is a great way to do that!

Check out the involvement fair or an organization on JOIN! , you have nothing to lose!


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