6 Ways to Be an Inclusive Leader!

Posted on April 23rd, 2014 in Tips and Secrets by Jan Bilgen

6 Ways to Be an Inclusive Leader


Being an Inclusive Leader means creating an environment where everyone feels like they are included, particularly regarding the programs and activities your organization plans. This can be done in many ways. You can have committees for events and include people in important decisions. Doing this, you will give the members of your organization a sense of belonging and have them feel like they are needed.

I see many organizations that just have their E-Board and they are the ones who make all of the decisions. By including your members they will begin to have stronger ties to the organization and it will give them some leadership within the organization.

Here are 4 additional ways to be an Inclusive Leader:

  1. Set the Tone of Your Organization! It all begins and ends with you being the inclusive leader. If you are willing to include others in what you are doing and are asking for others input it will set the tone for the rest of the members of your organization to include others as well. Having an inclusive attitude is all about being non-judgmental, being open, and willing to help others grow.
  2. Understand diversity and include EVERYONE. Many organizations allow anyone to join no matter their race, background, so that means that in order to become an inclusive leader you need to be willing to work with diversity. Everyone is different and being able to include various types of members is a key aspect.
  3. Incorporating Other’s Ideas. Give your members a voice.  When you include your members you are not only including them as a person, but you are including their ideas. Listening to others is a big point when being an inclusive leader.  You can simply do this by having discussion when voting on a subject. Letting your members know they have a voice in the organization will move towards feeling included.
  4. Talk to Everyone.  When addressing the group talk to everyone, not just your “favorites.” There is nothing worse than being in an organization and feeling like there is already a clique and that they get more attention or have more input than you do. Try to make everyone feel like they are your number one and give everyone eye contact not just a certain few.

What ways have you been an Inclusive Leader within your organization?  Spend a couple of minutes reflecting on ways you have been successful at being an inclusive leader and ways that you can grow in this area. Make some specific goals!



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