A Look Back At the Spring 2014 Involvement Fair

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Hello and happy Wednesday everyone,


This past Monday, Whitewater Student Government hosted the Spring 2014 Involvement Fair, and it was an absolute blast. I had the privilege of interviewing the main coordinator of the event, Lucretia Limerick. She serves as the WSG Student Affairs Director, and has done so for the past two years.


First, let’s look into more of what her leadership position entails—after all, any student at UW-Whitewater is eligible to apply for this position at the at end of the Spring semester.


  • WSG: Student Affairs Director

    • Serve as a liaison between student organizations and administration on campus.
    • Organized and managed an involvement week during the Spring semesters.
    • Promote student development and a sense of community on campus by hosting events.
    • Implemented new duties for successors in the student government standing rules.



  • Major:  Finance with and emphasis in financial planning
  • Year:  Senior (graduate in December)
  • Spring Involvement Fair: 80 Organizations
  • Student Turn out:  Roughly 100 students walked through the fair
  • Most Rewarding Part: The most rewarding part of organizing and managing the involvement fair is noticing students getting involved and hearing candid comments that students enjoyed the fair and that they found organizations that they want to get involved with. I also enjoy helping students get involved on campus (i.e. I showed a few students how to use the JOIN account to look up different student organizations.

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“Getting involved is a high impact practice for students, which then alludes to higher retention rates for the university. Being involved also leads students to network with potential employers. ”


-Johanna Klay

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