Benefits of America Reads

Posted on February 10th, 2014 in Uncategorized by Jan Bilgen

Benefits of America Reads
America Reads is a volunteer/work study program that gives Whitewater students an opportunity to give back to the surrounding communities. Students are placed in schools surrounding Whitewater. They participate in classrooms and in after school activities reading/tutoring students. Many students at Whitewater have already signed up for this program, but it is never too late to volunteer. You may not get your first choice of where you would like to be placed, but you can still contact Katelyn and see if there is an opening that would work with you schedule. You can e-mail the involvement office at or call 262-472-6217.

There are many benefits to volunteering for America Reads. Giving up a few hours of your time to help kids in the surrounding communities can be very satisfying. If you are majoring in something that has to do with kids for example, teaching it is a great way to get your foot in the door. You are able to get volunteer hours for America Reads that could count towards your organization or the 20 hours you have to complete if you are a business major. Another benefit of America Reads is that you become familiar with the community that you are volunteering in. You will get a sense of the differences and similarities in that community compared to your own. Experiencing diversity is a great benefit for you and others. There are countless rewards that come with volunteering. It is up to you to be the leader and take the initiative to experience them for yourself.
What does this have to do with Leadership?
Participating in any volunteer program is a great way to start your leadership path or continue on your journey. Volunteering allows you to make connections not only with your supervisors, but also with the people you are helping. Who knows maybe volunteering can lead to you starting your own volunteer program.


-Faith Karst

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