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Hello to all. My name is Faith Karst and I am the new leadership intern for the Career and Leadership Development office.


New Leaders

It’s that time at UWW that new leaders are taking their place, in their organizations or on campus. Whether it is in an organization or you are taking initiative to lead in the classroom, everywhere on campus there are new leaders among us. I just wanted take a moment and congratulate everyone that has taken a leadership role recently on the UWW campus.

You might ask yourself “How can I become a leader?” You don’t just have to be in an organization to take on a leadership role here on campus. There are many ways to become a leader here at UWW. Here are some tips on how to be a leader in three categories, in class, organizations, and in the community.

The Classroom

  • Take the initiative in class and go sit in the front of the room and encourage others to as well.
  • Become a note taker for someone who is in need.
  • Be involved. Speak up in class and jump right into the class discussions. You never know you might end up saying something that someone else in your class is too afraid to.
  • Encourage others, whether it is in a group or it’s just someone sitting next to you.

The Community

  • Be a leader by helping someone new out this week on campus. Whether it’s holding the door for someone or helping them with their homework. Set an example for everyone else by being the best you can be this semester.
  • Go with NVHP and volunteer at a nursing home this week.


  • Get involved! The Involvement office is a great resource to use when trying to get involved. There is always an organization for you.  The involvement office is located in the Career and Leadership Development office in the UC. If you are already in an organization try and take on a leadership role. Run for an E-board position.

Stop in and say Hi! See how you can get involved to become a new leader at UWW.

-Faith Karst

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  1. Gma said,

    on February 6th, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Nice column Faith. I hope I can follow all your posts this semester.

  2. Michelle said,

    on February 10th, 2014 at 8:07 pm

    Good article and congratulations on your new role. But you forgot to mention one more important quality about leadership. For being a good leader, you also need to be balanced and diplomatic.If you can manage people well then only can you become a good leader in the long run. People management is the main criteria.

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