Answering Leadership’s Call

Posted on October 30th, 2013 in Perspectives on Leadership by John Jensen

Hello Leaders,

As a President of a Fraternity here at UW-Whitewater, there are several websites/blogs that I read to try to constantly find tips to make my organization better than it was before. One of those websites is Fraternal Thoughts. They had a great post over there a couple of years ago called “Answering the Call” (which you should really read before reading the rest of this post!) Keep in mind that “Fraternal Thoughts” is written for Greek organizations and has a couple of references to Fraternity and Sorority activities.

The post simulates a dialogue between Leadership and a person answering a phone call from Leadership. There are a couple of parts in the conversation that I would like to highlight.

Pretty early in their conversation “Doug” asks “Why are you calling?” To which Leadership responds, “It’s time.” This is a realization that we all need to come to. Our time to lead has come and it is time for us to answer the call. “Why did you answer this time?” “It felt different.” For those of us that have been followers for some time, the call to lead is often uncomfortable or seems unfamiliar… But it is important that we answer that call.

At one point in the conversation, they talk about another member of the chapter that has been battling a drug addiction, but “Doug” decided to talk about sports. Part of leadership is being willing to make the uncomfortable step towards helping people. If there is someone in your life that you are concerned about and need your help, help them. That’s part of leadership. Doug says “I was scared to say anything.” to which Leadership responded “That seems to be a recurring problem.”

My favorite part of this conversation is towards the middle when “Doug” asks “But why me?”

“Why not you?”

So often we make leadership look like it is some sort of super power, that it is somehow beyond us as humans.  It’s NOT. It’s time that we finally answer Leadership’s call and realize that we can’t wait for someone else to be the leader.  Our organizations, our friends, our family, and our world need us to answer Leadership’s call.

“You’ll figure it out.  The hard part is over.” – Leadership

“What’s that?” – Doug

“I called.  And finally, you answered.”


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