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Posted on July 19th, 2012 in Perspectives on Leadership by John Jensen


Sorry for there being such a large gap between blog posts, I just returned from a week long vacation to Anaheim, California to visit Disneyland.  I figured it would be completely appropriate to write today’s blog post about one of my personal heroes, Walt Disney.

Walt Disney had a philosophy about all of his work called “plus-ing”, which I have written about before on this blog.  Plusing is simply giving your customers more than they paid for.  This can be transferred over to leadership pretty easily.  We as leaders should always be giving more than the bare minimum to everything we do.  Someone who just attends a meeting is not a leader, but someone who runs the meeting, speaks up in the meeting, and devotes themselves to an organization is a leader.

When the Disney studios would be producing a film, the animators would show Walt a sequence from the film, Walt’s response would typically be “alright, now plus it.”  The greatest compliment one could get from Walt Disney was “that’ll do.”  “That’ll do” meant that your work was acceptable and that Walt believed it had been “plused” as much as possible.

Robert Gruber told the best story about plusing at UW-Whitewater’s commencement for Spring 2012.  Walt was planning a Christmas parade at Disneyland one year, the Disney accountants told Walt that the parade was going to cost them a lot of money, but since they had not announced or advertised the parade at all no one will be expecting it, so it could be cancelled without anyone noticing.  Walt told the accountants that that was the exact reason they needed to have the parade, because no one knew it was coming.

Always give your customers (or followers) more than they paid for.  Dedicate yourself to your cause/organization 100% and give it everything you’ve got.  Plus it.  Your goal should always be to leave something a little bit better than you found it.

“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” –Walt Disney

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John Jensen

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