Laughter is the best medicine

Posted on June 15th, 2012 in Tips and Secrets by John Jensen


One of the things that can really hold someone back is stress. However, it isn’t the stress that holds us back. It is our ability to manage our stress that defines how we will react when we have stress. Too often individuals will let their stress get the better of them and will completely shut down. There are others that can take stress and turn it into positive energy.

This blog post isn’t going to try and give you ways to manager your stress; every person has his or her own way of doing that. This post will give you one of the most important tools necessary to managing stress. This isn’t a tool that will only work for some people; this is a biological tool that can help you manage the stress in your life, as well as assist with your immune system, and basically all parts of your body.

The idea for this blog post came from a Snapple bottle cap fact. The cap told me that the average 6-year-old child laughs 300 times a day. When we think about it that is a lot of laughing! The Snapple cap also told me that the average adult only laughs 15 to 100 times a day. Obviously our sense of humor changes, as we get older. A 6-year-old probably thinks that unfunny things are actually funny. I still don’t understand the enormous gap between 6 and adulthood though. Do our lives become that serious as we enter adulthood that we (potentially) decrease our laughter by such huge margins? I believe that we simply don’t understand the importance of laughing.

When we laugh so much more than just ridiculous noises happen. When we laugh we begin pumping lymph fluid around our body. The convulsion that we experience when we laugh pumps these fluids through our body and helps dispose of waste products from our organs and tissues. Our lymph system is not like our cardiovascular system where the heart pumps blood through our body. It also isn’t like our respiratory system where our lungs pump oxygen into our body and pump Carbon Dioxide out. Our lymph system requires us to move around in order to move lymph fluids around our body.

Laughter also increases the amount of oxygen we take into our body for a short time. Oxygen is a much more powerful element than we commonly think. Most bacteria and parasites die in the presence of oxygen. Even cancer cells are destroyed when exposed to oxygen. The hyperventilating like motions that we experience while laughing are responsible for this quick intake of extra oxygen.

Besides these physical benefits, laughing is also a great way to work out. When you laugh you increase blood circulation, especially to your abdomens. So that 6-pack you are working on? You should add in about 10 minutes of hard laughter and your work out routine should be pretty well rounded. Working out and physical activities release endorphins into your body. Endorphins are your body’s natural pain reliever.
Laughing also releases a lot of chemicals into your brain, including serotonin. Serotonin is a chemical that helps relieve stress in your brain and body. So all that stress you are feeling about work, school, relationships, and whatever else you may be stressed out about can be easily resolved (or at the very least reduced) by sitting down and watching a funny movie, a comedian, sharing funny stories from your past, or pretty much anything that makes you laugh. Your body will thank you for the time you spent laughing.

Ever since reading that Snapple fact, I have made it a priority to spend 1 hour every night finding things to laugh at. Most of the time this can easily be done on YouTube or Netflix. My challenge for you is to sit down for one hour every night and just laugh.

Until Next Time,
John Jensen

“Fortune and humor govern the world.” -Francois De La Rochefoucauld

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