Tempestt Ballenger’s view of leadership

Posted on February 21st, 2012 in Perspectives on Leadership,Uncategorized by Jan Bilgen


Tempestt Ballenger is majoring in Operations Management with expected date of graduation being Spring 2013.

As an undergraduate Tempestt is the Impact President, 3rd Floor Lee Resident Assistant, and NRHH member Internships and Purchasing Intern for Aptar-Mukwonago.

Tempestt said, ” One cannot just become a great leader overnight, leadership is something that is learned and acquired over time. It comes about through experience with trial and error, compromise, influence, and perseverance.”

 Trial and Error: We must know failure so that in the moments we do succeed we can be grateful that our hard work and efforts paid off. Like FDR said “It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.”

Compromise: A true leader is aware of the individuals who follow them and others. So in times of discord they act as a non partial mediator and makes compromise for the greater good of everyone.

Influence: The tools for greatness and innovation surround us everywhere we go. I think it is a leader’s job to shine light on these tools so that others may seem them and are inspired to achieve greatness for themselves and others.

Perseverance: Most important of all these things. It is easy to lose faith and give up when times get hard. But it is in these tough moments that we either fold under the pressure or push our limits to greater heights. So even when life gives you 1000 reasons to quit, leaders must find at least 1 reason to continue on and remain hopeful for change.

Now this may not be your definition of leadership and in truth if you ask me next week I may say something different. But leadership itself is about transformation. It is about the transformation of society, of individuals, and most of all ourselves. Leadership comes in many forms and each form is specifically tailored for each individual need or task. That is the beauty of true leadership, it constantly changes and with it so does our world for the better.




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