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iPhone gives a new perspective

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 5th October 2015


This is a photo I took with my regular camera. It shows the underbelly of a hummingbird as it is flying, it shows the color of the chin which is red because it is a male hummingbird. The photo shows off color and it is an example of a photo that might be taken with an iPhone.

What I find interesting about this article is that it talks about an individual who shoots photos from his iPhone and they turn out to be just as good as a camera. I saw several iPhone commercials over the weekend that made me want to buy an iPhone for my own use just because of the photographic ability of the phone, right now I own a point and shoot camera which does take great pictures but the iPhone seems to be a step above the rest. The individual interviewed in the article uses the photos for his social media and blog to create traffic to those websites which is an example of good website design because photos enhance color and overall look.


This is important since photos are a part of web design because there needs to be photos on blogs and on websites to attract readers and to show them what a story is going to be about. The photos taken are then later put on Instagram because the photos build a good community of people who view and enjoy the photos they are viewing. The photos are high resolution which allow for a lot of stark colors to be shown as well as a wide view of the photo itself. The photos on the iPhone are quite clear and feel as though a person is there.

My opinion on this topic is that it is important for web journalists to consider taking their own photos and put them online since that can allow them to sell themselves. This can enhance the overall look of a site and attract readers to the site as well. Users tend to look at photos longer the better the color is and the overall resolution. I also believe it is a good idea to show off good photos because that will increase the odds of users sharing them on social media which can give the photos many more views. People on a social media site can take the photos more seriously when they are taken professionally and the photos create a sense of unity to the site because photos can break up text and communicate through picture.

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Blog changes

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 29th September 2015


Through the course of the week, I have looked at the NewsU course which gave me tips on how to improve my blog overall. There was one concept that allowed me to show my readers where to look. I have added more photos within my blog so that there are two photos for the reader to look at. There is also an order to my photos that allow the reader to read the text and see the photos in a way that flows which eases readability.

The second change I made was that I added another photo within my recent blog post in order to break up the article so that the reader is not overwhelmed with the text. I noticed in the NewsU course that it is encouraged to see the photos in order to understand the text they are reading. I added photos to the articles that appeared to be lengthy and the photos showed my opinion on what I read from the reader and my explanation of what I read. This way the ideas are separated and it is easier for me to read and not too much information at once.

The third change I made was I broke down the story about the New York Times into smaller chunks so that readers can read the story without having to scroll too far to get to the end of the post. The photo of the books also breaks up the post since it gives the reader a chance to focus on the photo and not on the text all at once. This way the story is presented in a way that is manageable. Chunks create a way for the reader to be introduced to the story.

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