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Posted by Signe Trewyn on 18th February 2017

Upon arriving to Arizona, I was greeted by 60 degree weather along with various forms of cacti. This state treated me well over the first few days I visited. Once at the subdivision, the houses were all the same color and quite close to each other, there was little distance between them. Our house has a palm like tree and others have cactus of different sizes and shapes. It was a joy to walk Gabby, the terrier around the block twice everyday and see the other dogs that tagged along. Doves, wood peckers and finches called the patio home as they munched on bird seed and sang their hearts out until a hawk came around then they dispersed quickly.

The first day we went to a museum housing raptors such as Cooper’s hawk and Great Horned Owl. The entire landscape of the museum was outdoor and covered with cacti. I had to watch where I was walking because the vegetation almost seemed as though it was out to get me. I kept my head bent toward the sky, to see the majestic raptors in flight.

The museum also housed snakes such as the Diamond Back Rattle Snake. Its head was the shape of an arrow with a stone cold stare into my eyes on the other side of the glass. I admired its beauty and wished I could’ve reached out to touch it.  I was in awe of the landscape day after day while out on the road. I was zooming past mountains and open desert every day and the mountains stood still.  That day, the temperature rose quickly which allowed me to shed layers and come to terms with the Arizona weather.

We walked around for quite a while admiring the plants along with small mammals who walked around their enclosure in front of the museum guests. I came across a pair of bobcats weaving in and out of the rocks while one licked the other. The larger cat seemed to keep watch over the other, it had a stare that pierced my eyes but showed its fierceness. Like all animals I loved seeing its beauty and its medium size.

Early on, I watched the ground looking for scorpions and other insects viewed while in the museum. They were small, crawling through their small enclosure with their tails in the air. They were quite harmless behind glass so I enjoyed their beauty as well. I looked up and saw frogs in a pond that looked like they could be from the bogs of Georgia. I loved their appearance and personality as well as their distinctive color and size. In this part of the museum, I could see a skunk curled up in a deep sleep, suddenly it looked up at me before ducking its head back under.

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