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A tale of two fairy tales

Posted by Signe Trewyn on June 3rd, 2016

Standing on the balcony of Linlithgow palace was a magical affair to look over the city much like those who ruled years before. While on the balcony, I couldn’t help but feel as though I was standing in the shoes of Mary, Queen of Scots. The palace was spacious with large towers that lead up to the very top of the palace to see the entire town of Linlithgow.

Being at the palace proved to be educational because I got to explore a wing with a small museum featuring items found throughout the castle. One was a sword placed next to a gun, other items were shards of bowls used for cooking.

Most of the morning was spent exploring the palace, searching for the perfect angle in which the view the fortress so perfectly preserved. The magic thrived at this castle because of its medieval theme.

Sadly, I felt myself slipping away from the fairy tale that was Linlithgow palace, a part of me was still excited for what Stirling castle had in store as I walked through the doors.

Upon reaching Stirling, I knew the castle there was going to be big. We had to walk at least a mile up to it and once I reached it, I was very surprised to see the sheer size of it. This castle took on the identity of those that appear in horror novels and Game of Thrones episodes. I found this castle to be much larger than the palace I had just visited.

I was a part of the guided tour that pointed out significant locations where battle occurred, there were also bloody battles that went on in the castle as well.

The tour was quite informative about the history of Stirling castle including the battles and how people lived in the castle. During my time at the castle, the consequences of battle were explored, there were skeletons found of those who sustained injuries.

The entire property was so large in fact that once I was done with my guided tour, I became lost for a measurable amount of minutes looking for people I had arrived with.

Suddenly, I felt as though I was alive during the medieval time period and that walking around the castle was a daily activity.

Traveling to the castle gave me that rare opportunity to be part of the historic battles that occurred while seeing how people lived their lives. Getting lost was one of those rare opportunities to explore on my own and become part of the history of the castle.

The most surest way of witnessing history right before your eyes is to visit the places where it happened and to take in every detail.


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