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Dalkeith Today

Posted by Signe Trewyn on May 19th, 2016

Today, we went for a walk around the Estate which proved to be quite interesting for such an old building. We walked outside of the building said “Wisconsin in Scotland.” 1986.

I thought that was a testament to how long the building has been here and how many students have been through the house and have experienced Scotland.

We decided to walk along the side of the house to where a steep hill towered over the rushing water below, the water continued to rush loudly until it gave way to a waterfall.

This was on the opposite side of the bridge that gave Dalkeith house scope, meaning it was a good photo opportunity for those wishing to view it as a whole.

We continued to walk farther by the trail which lead us farther along the rushing river that was once part of the waterfall. Throughout the hike, we walked around and observed how the deer, birds and insects differed from Wisconsin.

I thought it was really interesting that the bumble bees looked orange instead of the traditional black and yellow. I thought it was a bit comical that the insects looked so different from ours.

The deer also looked different as well because they were smaller and their fur was much brighter red than the deer of Wisconsin.

The birds sounded different and looked a bit different, which was interesting to me because they were still birds because they sang such a pretty song.

The final highlight of my afternoon was when I got to walk along a path with a large rainbow phenomenon in the distance.

I thought it was the largest and most enchanting rainbow I had ever seen, I loved seeing the rainbow because I felt it symbolized the beginning of a great journey at Dalkeith House.

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