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Video Reaction

Posted by Signe Trewyn on December 6th, 2015

I watched the video of news anchor Scott Pelley accepting an award. Later on in the video, he left important comments regarding journalism ethics in new age journalism.

He discussed the coverage of the Newtown tragedy, he said Mrs. Lanza said her son attacked her school. He said it was quite the story but it was incorrect. I am enrolled in Media Ethics this semester, I have read many cases where journalists invade privacy and end up not covering the story properly. I have learned about covering stories properly through this class. I learned how to solve an ethical dilemma in the area of journalism. journalism-ethics-1-638

He said he was attacked by terrorists and journalists. Their names all over social media because of the journalists. Everyone is a publisher, not an editor which is the real problem. A video is taken off of YouTube, regardless of the state of video. Social media is not journalism, it is considered gossip. I believe that social media is a bit like gossip since people can change the information to show what they want it to say.

Tweets and blogs, temptation to latch on to information and jump to conclusions. It is important that big events are covered in an ethical manner. So as to not upset those who are viewing the coverage around the world. I believe social media does shorten the news and it is tempting to distort it.

If you are first, no one will remember and if you are wrong, no one will forget. This is because people will know it is wrong. First is vanity, we do it to feel better because no one needs to be first. The public does not watch for that.

He brought up the first amendment, the courage of a university professor to teach students about what is done in the journalism world. We need to show the courage when others focus on being the first ones to get the story. It is important to keep what was said in a truthful manner.

America has the best journalism, which is what I agree with since there is the New York Times and I am impressed with its design. UW-Whitewater is a great journalism school which allows both hands-on experience and instructions.

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    I agree that America has the best journalism schools and the best journalists around the world. I guess I do not quite understand what you mean by social media shortens the news. We have learned so much in this class how social media is such a wonderful tool for journalists.

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