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Writing for Social Media: A journalistic art form

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 30th November 2015


Earlier on in the semester, we explored social media and how post in a timely manner.

The article I found is all about a class teaching students how to write for social media effectively. I believe this is important because this week has to do with comments which is important when it comes to social media.

The author points out how to Tweet with a 140 character limit as well as LinkedIn which is by nature professional. There are many examples of what can be written on Twitter in the article itself.

The article also goes over writing for memes which is a picture with words on it. I am fairly new to memes but they can appear on social media as well.

My experience with writing for social media is that I must keep Facebook posts and Twitter short so that there is not too much writing within the post.

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What you see is what you get

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 22nd November 2015

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Journalism for the Web has taught me the importance of videos and visuals in stories. I love the fact that I can add photos and videos to my blog. I have found these items enhance the entire story because it keeps readers engaged.

National Public Radio discussed this very topic. The fact is that the visuals work.

I always click on stories that take me on a visual journey, these are the stories that keep me engaged the most. I feel like I can remember the story for much longer than just a bunch of text.

The article stresses the importance of the quality of the story, not how the story is told. This means incorporating a lot of the visuals. Readers are often reading the stories for a much longer time than trying to sift through a large amount of words.

Same goes with textbooks, I like to read textbooks that have visuals to act as a guide so I can understand what I am reading better.

Engagement is important to a newsroom so that stories can be clicked on and commented on. Photos and videos can enhance clicks. Most news stories today are accompanied by a photo or video.

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Words Journalists use

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 16th November 2015



As a journalism major, I know language is important for a journalist in order to keep the interest of the reader. I know everything there is to know about AP style and how words should be capitalized and lowercase.

An article on Feedly caught my eye that talked about different words used by a journalists that I have never heard of before. I know that it is important for a headline to stand out against the others on a newsstand. There is a photo to go with the article depicting a newspaper front page with language I have never heard of before.

I thought it was interesting to see how words mean different things and how they look against the photo, I feel interested in the article itself. I also thought it was interesting that journalists use words that people never say. I believe the more a person writes, the broader the vocabulary becomes.

There is a small list of the words that are being said by journalists that I myself have never heard of. I love learning new words. The article has to do with the content this week new words would draw a crowd to the stories with new words. The public enjoys seeing interesting words in headlines because it prompts them to believe the story is interesting.

Bloggers are also important because there needs to be someone who can write well and often as well as passionate about a topic. For me the topic would be travel.


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News Sites

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 16th November 2015

Here are my top four favorite news sites. I check them often and if you look at them closely, there is evidence of class concepts on these sites. Images, headlines, visual data, etc.



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My love of travel

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 9th November 2015

Above is a photo of me in Madrid, Spain when I was on my travel study. It was an awesome trip!

This article has to do with the over 50 places to go in 2015 and it is from the New York Times. Since a portion of the assignments in this class is about the places on Google maps, I thought this would be appropriate. I have been to 3 countries so far in my college career which I find hard to believe.I have done many journal entries about my day-to-day experiences which I have found helpful so that I can remember what I did day-to-day.


This photo is a place in Spain-Segovia. It is a little city and I was really enchanted by it. There also is a large castle in this city. I loved it!

The article talks about the many places and why people should visit them much like in the Google places. There is a moving photo of the place and there is a description of the place which keeps my interest. I find the descriptions of the places accurate when reading them. There is another feature of the article that I have noticed which is the fact that some of the photos are moving-such as in Harry Potter. I find this interesting because I have never seen that before on a website. I think it is useful because a person can see what is happening in the city which makes the decision to go easier.

I find them interesting because I think they give an opportunity for the readers to catch up on current events. There is also a small map in place to show the country as well as the cities exist there. I find those helpful so if I did plan a trip to Italy, I would know where I was going. I enjoy the organization of the descriptions as well.

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Oh the places I’ll go

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 8th November 2015

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HTML to the rescue!!

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 2nd November 2015


Pictured is Tim Berners Lee who invented the World Wide Web. I thought he goes good with the topic.

This topic talks about HTML and the new way it is going to move faster, that is for the web to move faster. With AMP HTML this is going to happen because that is what is making the web go faster. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is a simple way to speed up the serving of web pages. There are several ways for this to happen:

A shared library of many functions so they are not downloaded with every new webpage. There is also an opportunity for the information to be cached to the user and for adverting standards to get rid of the items that slow down and interferes with the serving of webpages.

The article also brings up Instant Articles which were a part of Facebook and were mentioned in a previous post. There are a few items missing from the AMP including the user interest data needs to flow back to the content creator with privacy and transparency built in. This is so the publisher can develop a relationship with the user. We must also reward the creators of the content as well as those who build an audience for that content.

There is also an opportunity to make AMP ready modules and widgets that can be collected and aggregated inside web pages. ANP is also about unbundling the web and websites.

Side Note: I thought the afterthought of this article is interesting: What do you think? Let me know in the blog comments.

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