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Advertisements speak louder than words

Posted by Signe Trewyn on October 26th, 2015


I came across a article that had to do with advertising and thought it would be relevant for this week because monetization has to do with advertisements and targeting ads. Pay wall has something to do with advertisement targeting as well and this article talks a lot about what ads work the best.

The article shows that there was a survey that measured the trust levels of the ads that consumers liked the best. The advertisements that related to real life situations resonated the most with consumers. Forty-four percent of people found that real life situations resonated with them the best.

The best in class ads worked the best because they are reliable, follow a clear story line and use clear imagery. This is all to attract the consumer toward the product such as a SUV commercial with the car driving through the mountains which is a good example.

I personally like the Snickers advertisement the best because it shows what a person is like when they are hungry, some people can be angry and out of it when they are hungry, like me. So I always have Snickers on my mind when I go shopping.

The article also shows trends of what works with advertisement consumers around the world with a chart of the trends and what people like the most. The ads that depict real life situations are the ones with the highest bar on the graph.

172 Responses to “Advertisements speak louder than words”

  1. Carly Townsend Says:


    I really enjoyed your post. I agree that advertisements that consumers can relate to perform the best. That is why platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have been so successful for companies to advertise on. People companies to upload a picture with their product or employees that isn’t photoshopped or perfectly set up because it isn’t realistic. I have noticed since the snickers commercial started that there have been more “hangry” tshirts being made by companies! Snickers commercials are always great!

  2. Andrew Marvitz Says:

    I agree that the ads that resonate have a clear narrative and tell a human story or convey the message concisely. I think today the people writing ads are tempted to just throw everything at it and see what sticks, but with ads “keep it simple, stupid” is a good rule of thumb.

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