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Advertisements speak louder than words

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 26th October 2015


I came across a article that had to do with advertising and thought it would be relevant for this week because monetization has to do with advertisements and targeting ads. Pay wall has something to do with advertisement targeting as well and this article talks a lot about what ads work the best.

The article shows that there was a survey that measured the trust levels of the ads that consumers liked the best. The advertisements that related to real life situations resonated the most with consumers. Forty-four percent of people found that real life situations resonated with them the best.

The best in class ads worked the best because they are reliable, follow a clear story line and use clear imagery. This is all to attract the consumer toward the product such as a SUV commercial with the car driving through the mountains which is a good example.

I personally like the Snickers advertisement the best because it shows what a person is like when they are hungry, some people can be angry and out of it when they are hungry, like me. So I always have Snickers on my mind when I go shopping.

The article also shows trends of what works with advertisement consumers around the world with a chart of the trends and what people like the most. The ads that depict real life situations are the ones with the highest bar on the graph.

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Storify Story-Confederate Flag in hot water

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 22nd October 2015

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New Turn of Events for Twitter

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 19th October 2015


I found an article today about Twitter and how it is finding a way to make its platform more recognizable to the users who may be new to the service. The “moments” tab will now take users to a place where they can view certain moments that occurred on Twitter that are new to readers. Once the user taps the article about the “Moment” there are details regarding the Tweets made about the specific story.

What I find interesting about this is that it is quite new to me and I have never heard of a feature like this one since Twitter has always linked to news stories within the Tweets itself. People normally would only be able to see a photo attached to a Tweet. The article made it clear that the users were able to live in the moment. The photos make Twitter look a lot different since the photos fill the whole screen and do not look like Twitter photos.

The Moments feature was born recently as of January where the people of Twitter were encouraged to try something new. On a phone’s screen the photos are more pronounced and the reader feels as though he/she is put right in the moment when it happened. Moments is like a newspaper in that it unfolds stories so that people can read them and feel close to the action. Newspapers can be accessed online and the photos are a important part of the story much like the stories on Twitter.

However, this new feature might cause more issues for Twitter because it will not save it and there might be charges of biases and might change the whole idea of Twitter. I believe that the most important part of this is the issues this new feature raises since Twitter is not made for large stories, rather a ten character Tweet. This week’s class is focused on social media and the audience of it and its overall features.

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Facebook, YouTube and Twitter weigh audiences

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 12th October 2015


Since this week is about audience and managing audience I found an article that speaks about social media. This article is a great one since it keeps track of the amount of users just like the website does in our discussion.

The article says that most users are using YouTube-a good 90% of users, I believe this is so because many users watch YouTube videos and it is the place where artists get certifications for the number record breaking views on their videos. When anyone accesses YouTube, there is always a measurement of how many people have been on the site watching the videos. There are millions of users on the video site every day since many of the videos have thousands of views on them, especially Michael Jackson videos.

The article showed that three in ten of the users are on Instagram.

For Twitter, one half are visiting the site, when I visit the Twitter account of my favorite music artists, there always seem to be so many people on the site at one time. This is meant to show the number of people visiting the site at a given time, this measurement is supposed to show the audience since this week is all about audience.

The article does not leave out demographics when it comes to Snapchat since individuals between 16-24 are using Snapchat. I know that a lot of people my age use Snapchat and I’m 21 which shows the demographic is accurate.
Below the statistics, there is a a bar graph showing how many people are on each social platform, with YouTube being the site with the highest amount of traffic, this is to say how many people visit the site and interact with its features.

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iPhone gives a new perspective

Posted by Signe Trewyn on 5th October 2015


This is a photo I took with my regular camera. It shows the underbelly of a hummingbird as it is flying, it shows the color of the chin which is red because it is a male hummingbird. The photo shows off color and it is an example of a photo that might be taken with an iPhone.

What I find interesting about this article is that it talks about an individual who shoots photos from his iPhone and they turn out to be just as good as a camera. I saw several iPhone commercials over the weekend that made me want to buy an iPhone for my own use just because of the photographic ability of the phone, right now I own a point and shoot camera which does take great pictures but the iPhone seems to be a step above the rest. The individual interviewed in the article uses the photos for his social media and blog to create traffic to those websites which is an example of good website design because photos enhance color and overall look.


This is important since photos are a part of web design because there needs to be photos on blogs and on websites to attract readers and to show them what a story is going to be about. The photos taken are then later put on Instagram because the photos build a good community of people who view and enjoy the photos they are viewing. The photos are high resolution which allow for a lot of stark colors to be shown as well as a wide view of the photo itself. The photos on the iPhone are quite clear and feel as though a person is there.

My opinion on this topic is that it is important for web journalists to consider taking their own photos and put them online since that can allow them to sell themselves. This can enhance the overall look of a site and attract readers to the site as well. Users tend to look at photos longer the better the color is and the overall resolution. I also believe it is a good idea to show off good photos because that will increase the odds of users sharing them on social media which can give the photos many more views. People on a social media site can take the photos more seriously when they are taken professionally and the photos create a sense of unity to the site because photos can break up text and communicate through picture.

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