Introductory Blog Post for EDFOUND 212



Hello There,

If you’re reading this (no, its not too late), it means you’ve found my blog for EDFOUND 212-Educational Pyschology. Let’s get started with an introduction.

My name is Jon Goltz. I come from Greenfield, Wisconsin,  a suburb of Milwaukee. I am studying Physical Education K-12 here at UW-Whitewater, with the hope of teaching and coaching at the secondary level to start, and then jumping to doing the same at the college level (If only I could get some experience at the college level)

My hobbies are pretty simple: Sports, Performing Arts, and Comic Book Heroes. You probably wouldn’t expect Performing Arts out of a PE Major, would you? I like to go watch Warhawk Athletic events. I even went out for baseball freshman year (and I don’t know why, but I gave football a shot). I think you can guess how that turned out (It’s fine, we got great athletic programs here, and I am club sport athlete for weightlifting). As for performing arts, I love to go see community theater shows, with hopes of being able to participate in more shows outside of summer following graduation, and I will be in Dancescapes ’17 in late March-early April (Go see it, I command you). For Superheroes, my favorite Marvel characters are Iron Man and Deadpool, and for DC Heroes, Batman and Watchmen (Go read Watchmen if you can, but I will warn you, its not for the faint of heart.)

I do work on campus. For work study, I oversee the computer lab in the Williams Center. On top of that, I work for the Center for Students with Disabilities, or CSD, as a tutor for PROJECT ASSIST, meaning I tutor kids who receive services from CSD.

I do not have much more to say on top of that. Until next time, this is the guy who wishes he had a iron suit saying “Good night and good luck”.