The stress of pandemic learning

I am sat here thinking about the last year of my education at The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Last semester, with vaccinations only just in sight, the burnout grew quickly.

Coming into this semester, I was dreading the idea of sitting in a classroom being bombarded with new assignments and hundreds of pages of reading. Three weeks in, I’ve been seeing posts circulating my home pages about many feeling overwhelmed and stressed, wondering how they could feel this way so early on.

I think it is important to realize that this feeling does not mean there is something wrong with the student, but rather that learning through a pandemic is hard. Worrying over our classes and assignments while staying healthy can be exhausting.

I am realizing that this last year of my education is going to be difficult, not just because of new opportunities, but because a world-wide pandemic leaves every person feeling drained.

That being said, we all should be easier on ourselves and take this semester one day at a time.

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