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It may come to a surprise to you when I share that as journalism major, I do not typically follow much news on my own daily. I continue to tell myself everyday that I need to follow news to pursue this career. But as you will come to find I am not interested in hard news and its not the side of journalism I would like to pursue. Which explains the little desire I have to track news.

Don’t get me wrong I do still enjoy keeping up and finding out what is going on in the world around me. I especially enjoy watching the Today show. If I had to choose a news outlet to work for at some point, I think it would be them. I think traditionally when people hear the word news we attribute it to hard news stories such as the many sad things happening in the world around us. But there are so many news stories out there we may not think of. Things like news in the music world, technology advances, medicine, products created, celebrities, and my favorite food. In my opinion I love that the Today Show brings in all of these other news stories to share with the world. To me they put out a fun exciting news show. On occasion I will pick up a magazine such as People or Cosmopolitan and catch up on what is new in those worlds. Especially one of my favorite pass times during plane rides.

In my hometown we get the Lake Country Reporter and Blue Magazine delivered to my home, it makes it much easier to pick up and spend time to page through. Our newspaper is a great place to keep up with the news in the town and many accomplishments of students in schools in the area. The Blue Magazine is for yacht club member’s, which features local lake family’s stories, which is an interesting read.

When I am searching online for news I will typically go to the Today show as well as The New York Times for news stories or the Eater for the food news. My favorite news site by far would have to be Eater. I would love to some day purse my career along side food, so checking out the recent finds in restaurants and recipe’s and new foods, is incredibly intriguing to me. But when relating to finding a specific story in the news I will go to Google first to make my news search.

With a second love for photojournalism I do prefer to consume my news media in a more visual way such as in photos or in video format. By far my favorite way to consume is through photos. And National Geographic would be the first place I go to for that.

I have never commented or contacted a reporter about stories that I had liked or disliked. Instagram would be the only place that I follow any news outlets. I do follow National Geographic and like their images, that being the primary news I look at. Currently I am not following any blogs but have been looking into them more recently due to the desire to start my own at some point in time.

But when looking at news one always needs to be sure that they are looking into the right news outlet and that the news they are getting is the right news. Many times some things you can tell are nothing like any other story told or facts do not line up with larger more trusted news outlets.

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