Virtual Fun Time

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in Ohio hosted a virtual Zoofari on Sept. 25 at 7 p.m. EDT live on Facebook and YouTube.

The virtual tour was free for anyone to join, and to join all you needed was your email address to receive two links for Facebook and YouTube. You can still view the virtual tour on YouTube at

Starting off the virtual tour is Bob Herzog who is the reporter speaking about the many different animals you will meet and activities you can do while you are touring the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. The first stop in the virtual Zoofari is Swan Lake, where you will get to meet a bird named Coco.

Herzog introduced a bird encounter manager, Ed Annal, he talked about “Coco being a baseball fan.” Coco can sing the baseball theme song, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Many of the animals at the zoo have amazing hidden talents. Head keeper, Erin O’Brien, showed Ricco the porcupine’s hidden talent of his painting skills.

“I have taken a little bit of green paint already and put it on his nice smushy nose,” said O’Brien, getting Ricco ready to paint his masterpiece.

There are many activities you can attend to when you are visiting the Cincinnati Zoo. There are giraffes that guests can feed leaves to, feed John the lion through a hole inside of a fake tree in the glass and walk around with kangaroos in their exhibit.

At the Cincinnati Zoo, they have a super star hippo named Fiona. During the virtual tour, Herzog introduced the senior Africa keeper, Jenna Wingate, who begins talking about why Fiona is a super star.

“Little Fiona here, was born about 6 weeks premature…. and she was only weighing about 29 pounds, typically a hippo weighs about closer to 100 pounds,” said Wingate. Herzog was able to feed a full watermelon to the other hippo, Phoebe. During the ending of the tour, they should all the paintings the animals have painted with their faces.