Season Three of ‘This is Us’ is Finally Here

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By Allison Koper


 On October 2, This is Us aired its second episode of season three on NBC. While the premiere last week scored 10.3 million viewers, this season is sure to give audiences a lot of surprises.

This is Us fans are speculating who the mysterious ‘her’ is that old man Randall and grown up daughter Tess is referring to, and who is the man that showed up at Rebecca’s doorstep when fans were expecting Jack.

This and so much more leaves audiences with more questions then ever. Although, audiences will be happy to know that season three will focus on how Jack lived, rather than the emotional story that is his death.

In episode two of season three, Kate decides that she wants to have a baby, in order to do that she had to take hormone shots. While her mom, Rebecca talked about the dangerous risks of Kate having a baby because of her weight.

All these arguments were happening at brother Kevin’s big movie premiere. While at the premiere, Kevin made a comment to Randall on how Kate said she would be the only one to carry on a piece of their dad, leaving Randall hurt and upset.

While in past time when the “big three” are teenagers, the Pearson family struggles with the aftermath of Jack’s death. Showing how each member grieved in different ways, Kevin drinking alcohol, Kate binge eating, and Rebecca hearing Jack’s voice in her head.

It is true that This is Us can be emotional, but that does not stop people from having watch parties. A fan of the show, Patti Koper states, “this show does make you cry, but it’s too good not to watch”.

What brings people in is how the character’s storylines are real and relatable. Kelly Koper states, “I see myself in Kate’s character”.

Many real-life families deal with problems in their own life, and this show brings them to light by how the Pearson family responds to certain issues.

Season three will have some sad moments, but it will also have inspiring, happy moments that will keep audiences hooked until the end. Mandy Moore (Rebecca) calls this season her favorite one yet.

Catch This is Us, Tuesdays at nine/eight central on NBC.

Introducing Myself!

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