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As someone who consumes electronic media in very small quantities, I tend to stick to the more local news, with exceptions for sports journalism sources like ESPN and SportsCenter. However, If there are important things going on in the world around me, the information will normally find its way to me via push notifications. My normal consumption of electronic media consists of checking social media for sports updates and the latest video game news. Every so often I’ll find myself checking in on my local newspaper, just to check up on things and see how things are at the old stomping grounds. They have a local printed newspaper known as the Fond du Lac Reporter, as well as a digital version.

In terms of specifics, the majority of electronic news media that I consume comes from places like the Daily Wire or a digital version of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. My favorite news outlet is probably The Pat McAfee Show. There’s no particular reason for this, it’s just the site I’ve used for the longest. However, if I had to say the thing I like most about it is that I’ve always enjoyed the style of writing that is featured there, which is slightly more laid back and colloquial than other news sources. This makes it easy to follow, and one can kind of fly through it on the go with relatively little effort.

If I hear about a certain topic or news story that intrigues me, oftentimes I will google the story to get more information. This is especially true when there is controversy surrounding the story, because it is better to get multiple sources from multiple perspectives before drawing one’s own conclusions on the subject matter of the article. Google is also useful for finding news stories that are recent so as to stay up to date with the happenings of whatever i’m searching for.

Because of the fact that my main motivation for consuming electronic news media is to stay updated on the goings on in the sports world, I tend to view more video-heavy materials, be it talk shows, sports highlights, etc. That being said, if I ever just need a quick rundown of the turnout of a certain event, I can just go to ESPN and quickly scan through some headlines to get the gist of the information that I’m looking for. Further, due to the scarcity of my viewing activity, I hardly interact with the community via the comment section or some other medium. I prefer to be a passive observer, so to speak.  

As I mentioned earlier, social media plays a massive part in my media consumption. It is the primary means by which I get the information that I have. I have recently begun to use Twitter because of just how fast things are posted, and updates are quick and concise.

All in all, I’m fairly lazy when it comes to keeping up with things going on around the world. I mainly just let things happen, and read things as they catch my eye. 

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