Can Facebook really help save endangered languages? Well that seems to be there plan according this article,  I all started when people trying to save the Corsican language spent three weeks trying to find words similar to english words like poke, friend, and like to use on Facebook.  This process is part of a two year campagin that invovled bringing symbols and words in Corsican to Facebook.  On Thurday September 29, 2016 it was annouced that the Corsican language can now be officially used on Facebook.

I think this important to because Facebook theses days is a source from which many people recieve news and it is a good place to help those who speak a dying language be able to recieve news in a form which they understand.  It is also a great learning tool to help childern learn to speak a dying language and can be used to reach and communicate with many all over the world.  I can’t wait to see if Facebook continues to do this with other languages and how people react to these changes.