How to Grow Hemp for CBD in Wisconsin – Step 8: Processing for Flower

Cannabis flower high in CBD has hundreds of benefits. Although the majority of CBD products on the market today are produced using CBD oil, there is still a solid demand for the flower in smokable form. Those who smoke CBD buds report various positive effects such as (but not limited to); a reduction is seizures, inflammation, pain, and anxiety. The effects of smoking or vaping the flower are nearly instant, which is an added benefit as well. It should be noted that those with respiratory issues are prone to negative reactions in their lungs, just as with any smoke.

Growers who process their flower for smokable/vaping purposes first dry their buds properly after harvest. As stated in Step 7, curing the flower is highly suggested in order to take the product to the premium level. After the buds are fully cured, it’s time to break down the flower using a grinder. Once the flower is all ground up, roll a cigarette using hemp-based rolling papers. Reputable brands include RAW and Zig Zag. It’s also a good idea to use a filter, which is sometimes referred to as a crutch. This enables smokers to properly hold the cigarette without damaging its integrity. Selling your crafted smokes in packs of 5-20 has been a pretty lucrative plan for growers in the past. Also, many users enjoy the process of rolling their own, so just selling the ungrounded flower post-cure is also an effective business plan.

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