Sep 29 2014

Homecoming Steering Committee

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UW-W Homecoming Information is now available at  Please go there for up to date information on Homecoming.  You can also visit us at


Applications are now available for the 2015 Homecoming Steering Committee! Applications available for download here: HSC.CommitteeApplication2015

Homecoming Steering Committee 2014

The Homecoming Steering Committee is composed of a group of students who are responsible for
planning and implementing the 2014 Homecoming activities at UW-Whitewater. Students are selected to
serve on the committee based upon their involvement and academic achievement. Contact Career &
Leadership Development, 262-472-1471, with any questions. Please do not call these individuals at
home. If you are interested in being a part of the 2015 Homecoming Steering Committee please contact
Kim or Amanda at 262-472-1471 or email us at

Chair Amanda Jouett

Secretary/Tabulator Stephanie Gordon

Fundraising Kayhla Sadowski

Fundraising Ericka Dahlman

Court Megan Stoen

Publicity / Photos Hannah Jean

Publicity / Photos Autumn Ball

Awareness Kaitlyn Breunsbach

Senior Awards Liz Rohde

Triple B (Bowling, Billiards, and Brainiacs) DeJuan Garnett

Triple B (Bowling, Billiards, and Brainiacs) Caitlin Feerick

Dance Ashlee Dowery

Games September Elenewski

Games Dani Huckleberry

Variety Show Emily Borkowski

Variety Show Shawn Giese

Spirit Rally Becky Wintringer

Parade Bryce Schmieden

Parade Jessica Faust

Member at Large Colleen Cate

Advisor Kim Clarksen

Assistant Advisor Katelyn Wurtz

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