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Black Ops 4 but with a twist..

Hey everyone! I hope this blog post finds you all well! I decided to post up another Call of Duty video but however this one is different from all of my other Call of Duty videos!

So one day my friends and I decided to play some Black Ops 4 together, but we had a full lobby of eight people and we couldn’t play multiplayer together because we can only have six people play in multiplayer. So we thought about doing something interesting in some private matches to change the content around for a bit.

We decided to play the Blackout mode, where Blackout is also another battle royale mode, but we were able to have a private lobby set up, but instead of playing the actual Blackout, we went on and tried playing Michael Myers, and it turned out to be a whole lot of fun!

Even though it was a huge map, from all the hiding and the circle that is closing made the whole game so intense and scary as one of us is trying to kill everyone else on the map. We only made a few self rules as there are no guns allowed and no other equipment can be used, and the person who is Michael Myers needs to find a knife and throwing axes to kill everyone else on the map. Nothing really happens so far in the first couple circles, but as the circles begin to close in, my friends and I happen to freakout a lot in the game! Thanks to my friends that made this video possible as well! I had a lot of fun of bringing some new ideas to the platform that we don’t always have to keep playing the same games every time. So I hope everyone enjoys this kind of content, and comment down below if you think this type of content is awesome to watch! Thanks!