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Brawlhalla is a really exciting game overall! It reminds me of playing Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Consoles when I was younger, but this game is like Super Smash Bros, but on PlayStation, and it’s free as well as long as you are a PlayStation Plus Member! However I believe that Brawlhalla is also available on other platforms such as PC.

There are multiple characters to play on Brawlhalla just like Super Smash Bros, but each character have different stats to start out with, and you can choose your character to have faster speed, or higher and lower attack and defense. I usually like playing characters that have better weapons such as guns and spears because those particular weapons deal more damage as well. There are also different stages that you can choose, and some of these stages will also maneuver the stage around as you’re playing against your friends or solo. You can also choose to play team fights in Brawlhalla as well, and team fights are the best in this game! Free for all in my opinion isn’t really my favorite type of mode to play.

This video shows a gameplay of two matches of me and my friends playing Brawlhalla as we play different characters. I’ve gotten a little better at this game after playing for a few hours and so, and I gotta say it’s a pretty fun game compared to Super Smash Bros if you don’t have a Nintendo Console like the Gamecube, Wii, or the Switch. Maybe one of these days if I have money, I’ll buy myself a Nintendo Switch and buy games to play on it, too. Otherwise, enjoy everyone!