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Another FPS game I like to play!

Hi everyone! So I’m sure you all know I love playing First Person Shooter games, and I don’t mind trying out new games coming out from all of the hype zone. This game I’m featuring is call Apex Legends! Apex Legends is like another Battle Royale game where multiple players fight off all other players in a map and be the last squad standing. This game is quite unique because its not just similar to other games like Pubg, Fortnite, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout, or Warzones, but this game has different legends that you can choose from, and each legend has unique abilities that players can use. This game is also more strategic since each legend has unique abilities and advantages over one and another.

One thing I like about this game is there is no fall damage as you can fall from any height although you can die from falling off the map. Another element of the game is that you can also respawn your teammates that were killed by another squad, as long you can retrieve your teammates banner from where they were killed within the time limit. If you don’t retrieve your teammates banner before the time limit ends, then you can no longer respawn your teammates back into the game.

One thing I’m not a fond of is that players can only run with squads of three. There is no solo mode, duos, or squads of four in Apex Legends, and there are no other exclusive game modes that Apex Legends offers as well. Apex Legends does have a rank mode towards more to the competitive players, but there’s really nothing else.

After the beginning of season 3, the developers introduced a new map to Apex Legends, and you can still play the original map as well. That’s one thing I like about Apex Legends is that you can choose between which maps you want to play. Anyways, here’s a gameplay of my friends and I taking a dub in one game of Apex. Enjoy!