Rainbow Six Siege!

So I know people have been telling me that “If you love Search and Destroy in Call of Duty, then you’ll love playing Rainbow Six Siege.”, and to be honest I never thought I made the decision today to be able to buy the game and try it out because many people have recommend me to try the game at least.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I have been watching streamers on Twitch, YouTube channels, and seen friends play Rainbow Six before, and I kind of get the idea of how the game works before hand, but it would be unfair if I tried to think that this game is easy but not play the game at all to see it for myself.

However, I love this game! It’s not really like the fast paced Call of Duty Search and Destroy game mode, but everything requires stealth and strategy in Rainbow Six in my opinion. One of the favorite features of the game is having the right peek or the left peek when aiming down sights. I like it because you have better angles to look at, even through small holes from walls. There are so many operators that you can also afford too, but since I just started, it’s going to take a long time for me to unlock all of the operators from both Attackers and Defenders.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone who plays first person shooter! It’s an amazing game to play. Sometimes I wished that I was able to have the game since when it first came out. This game has been out for a while already, but I can see why so many people still play this game a lot. Otherwise, enjoy the video everyone!


Black Ops 4 but with a twist..

Hey everyone! I hope this blog post finds you all well! I decided to post up another Call of Duty video but however this one is different from all of my other Call of Duty videos!

So one day my friends and I decided to play some Black Ops 4 together, but we had a full lobby of eight people and we couldn’t play multiplayer together because we can only have six people play in multiplayer. So we thought about doing something interesting in some private matches to change the content around for a bit.

We decided to play the Blackout mode, where Blackout is also another battle royale mode, but we were able to have a private lobby set up, but instead of playing the actual Blackout, we went on and tried playing Michael Myers, and it turned out to be a whole lot of fun!

Even though it was a huge map, from all the hiding and the circle that is closing made the whole game so intense and scary as one of us is trying to kill everyone else on the map. We only made a few self rules as there are no guns allowed and no other equipment can be used, and the person who is Michael Myers needs to find a knife and throwing axes to kill everyone else on the map. Nothing really happens so far in the first couple circles, but as the circles begin to close in, my friends and I happen to freakout a lot in the game! Thanks to my friends that made this video possible as well! I had a lot of fun of bringing some new ideas to the platform that we don’t always have to keep playing the same games every time. So I hope everyone enjoys this kind of content, and comment down below if you think this type of content is awesome to watch! Thanks!


Another FPS game I like to play!

Hi everyone! So I’m sure you all know I love playing First Person Shooter games, and I don’t mind trying out new games coming out from all of the hype zone. This game I’m featuring is call Apex Legends! Apex Legends is like another Battle Royale game where multiple players fight off all other players in a map and be the last squad standing. This game is quite unique because its not just similar to other games like Pubg, Fortnite, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout, or Warzones, but this game has different legends that you can choose from, and each legend has unique abilities that players can use. This game is also more strategic since each legend has unique abilities and advantages over one and another.

One thing I like about this game is there is no fall damage as you can fall from any height although you can die from falling off the map. Another element of the game is that you can also respawn your teammates that were killed by another squad, as long you can retrieve your teammates banner from where they were killed within the time limit. If you don’t retrieve your teammates banner before the time limit ends, then you can no longer respawn your teammates back into the game.

One thing I’m not a fond of is that players can only run with squads of three. There is no solo mode, duos, or squads of four in Apex Legends, and there are no other exclusive game modes that Apex Legends offers as well. Apex Legends does have a rank mode towards more to the competitive players, but there’s really nothing else.

After the beginning of season 3, the developers introduced a new map to Apex Legends, and you can still play the original map as well. That’s one thing I like about Apex Legends is that you can choose between which maps you want to play. Anyways, here’s a gameplay of my friends and I taking a dub in one game of Apex. Enjoy!


Tell me what you think?

Hi everyone! There will be no video/content for this week, but however I have a google form for everyone to fill out! I would love to hear your opinions about my content that I post up here and please let me know your final thoughts as well! I really do appreciate your time! Thanks!



Taking a different approach.. Skribbl.io!

Let’s take a break from the console gaming and do some browser gaming. I never grew up playing on PC from my younger days. At first I started playing the Nintendo 64, an old classic console I loved playing games such as Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye 007, Donkey Kong 64, Bad Fur Day, Mario Party, etc. and all sort of games! Later on I associated myself with my first PlayStation 3 during my middle school years and continued playing only console my whole life. I did play Xbox before, and I even made a speech about which is better, PlayStation or Xbox, and overall came to the conclusion that PlayStation is better in terms of specs of the consoles and other accessories.

I didn’t start playing PC games such as League of Legends, which was the first PC I started playing, because some of my friends started playing League of Legends. This time I want to take this approach of playing PC games and make it part of my blog posts. This game Skribbl.io in particular is like guessing a word from what is being drawn on the board. It’s a lot of fun to play with friends, especially with your own invitation link to share with your friends so you don’t get any trolls around playing with you.

It was only at this time I was able to play with all of my friends in a full lobby, and I had a great time playing Skribbl.io like always! Comment down if you think I should start taking a different approach for my gaming blogs and not just only focus only on console, or if there is only one particular game you only want me to focus on only. Otherwise, enjoy everyone!



Brawlhalla is a really exciting game overall! It reminds me of playing Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Consoles when I was younger, but this game is like Super Smash Bros, but on PlayStation, and it’s free as well as long as you are a PlayStation Plus Member! However I believe that Brawlhalla is also available on other platforms such as PC.

There are multiple characters to play on Brawlhalla just like Super Smash Bros, but each character have different stats to start out with, and you can choose your character to have faster speed, or higher and lower attack and defense. I usually like playing characters that have better weapons such as guns and spears because those particular weapons deal more damage as well. There are also different stages that you can choose, and some of these stages will also maneuver the stage around as you’re playing against your friends or solo. You can also choose to play team fights in Brawlhalla as well, and team fights are the best in this game! Free for all in my opinion isn’t really my favorite type of mode to play.

This video shows a gameplay of two matches of me and my friends playing Brawlhalla as we play different characters. I’ve gotten a little better at this game after playing for a few hours and so, and I gotta say it’s a pretty fun game compared to Super Smash Bros if you don’t have a Nintendo Console like the Gamecube, Wii, or the Switch. Maybe one of these days if I have money, I’ll buy myself a Nintendo Switch and buy games to play on it, too. Otherwise, enjoy everyone!


Introducing with my guest on my blog posts, Brett Reader!

Hmong Lor Ryder:

Hey everyone! Just to let you all know that this post will actually be posted by one of my two guest I have collaborated in class, Brett Reader! His material differentiates from mine because he actually plays Nintendo, but I play games mainly on the PlayStation 4. If any of you play the Nintendo Swtich, Wii, Wii U, Gamecube, or older Nintendo consoles, you should check out his blog posts! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy his post, and be sure to check out some of his blog posts! His link is here: Brett’s Bad Gaming Bash http://blogs.uww.edu/readergaming/

Brett Reader:

Cadence of Hyrule first came out as a crossover with Crypt of the Necrodancer that came as a welcome surprise to many. No one would have expected Nintendo, the company notorious for 

its iron grip on its license, to allow an indie game studio to make a spinoff game for them. 

Cadence of Hyrule is a game that takes a lot of getting used to for someone who isn’t familiar with rhythm games. Instinctually I tried to play the game like a traditional top-down Legend of Zelda game and was quickly met with defeat as I struggled to leave some of the game’s first area. Through trial and error I slowly was able to get further and further along in the game.

Once I started getting more familiar with the game’s rhythm and I started collecting a few more exploration based items the game opened up a lot. The Power Glove allowed me to move heavy blocks while the Hookshot allowed me to grapple to new areas. The combination of those two items fell into a satisfying gameplay loop that had me finding new areas that gave me more health and weapons, that allowed me to explore further to obtain more health and weapons all the way until the final boss.

The first time I completed the game was on my own where I spent about 9 hours scouring the map for every advantage I could get my hands on to make the coming battles easier. The second time I had gotten more familiar with the game so a friend and I tackled it together in about three hours, a significant increase from the previous time and with about the same amount of gear. The third time I played through was a speedrun where I finally started figuring out some sneaky maneuvers to skip parts of dungeons and get through the game in about two hours. I would highly recommend this game if you’re a fan of Zelda games or a fan of rhythm games. It’s a game I can always come back to and just have a relaxing trip through Hyrule to some amazing music.


Back at it again, Fortnite

When Fortnite first came out 3 years ago, it was popping. However, people started to get better and better at the game as the years go by. I, myself have had trouble trying to keep up with the meta and tricks and tips from people who give advice on how to get better at Fortnite. It’s been about at least 2-3 months since I played Fortnite when Chapter 2 came out.

For some reason, this game is a lot easier for people who just started playing Fortnite. It’s a lot easier to get wins, and its more enjoyable playing with a friend or a group. I’m actually starting to enjoy playing Fortnite again, and I’m glad that I am still able to pick up my skills in playing the battle royale mode.

Although it wasn’t easy to start getting back into the game again for a long time, it wasn’t as hard as it was to get a victory royale, meaning being the person last standing on the island when you go against one hundred players, and before then you would probably be playing against one hundred sweaty players. Otherwise, enjoy!


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

So yeah! Honestly Call of Duty was one of the first FPS games, also known as First Person Shooter, that I played throughout my whole life. I played through the whole series ever since the first Call of Duty game came out, and I have loved playing Call of Duty since when I was younger, and playing one of my favorite Call of Duty games of all time, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

I know the title of the game can be misleading as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare came out last year on October 2019 as why does it sound like I am playing the first version of Modern Warfare, but there was also another Call of Duty game called Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, but both games are different.

I figured that most of you may not know about its multiplayer mode is why Call of Duty remains popular for many people who also play this game. It’s competitive in a sense of team plays and communication. Most of the game modes in multiplayer are mainly consists of two teams competing for objectives and the team that completes their objectives wins the game. Popular multiplayer game modes in all of Call of Duty games is Search and Destroy, where one team needs to defend two of their bomb sites, and the other team needs to plant one bomb to destroy one of two of the bomb sites. One team needs to win at least six rounds, and each round has a three minute time limit, and players cannot re-spawn when they die until the end of each round. Both teams will also be rotated between defending or going offensive every three rounds. The winning team in the round is determined when everyone in the other team dies, or if the offensive team successfully destroys one of the bomb sites, or the defending team successfully defends both bomb sites within the time limit. The winning team for the match is then determined when one team wins six rounds. Both teams are under pressure, and it remains one of the most played games modes of all time in Call of Duty.

This is a clip that I recorded while playing Modern Warfare as I joined in the middle of a game of Search and Destroy. I came across two clans going against each other as I’m paired up with one of the clans in their team for that game. Be ware that there is foul language, as over the course of time people who have played Call of Duty will say toxic words to insult many people and other teams. However, I’m here to promote funny content as I like to listen to people in game chat “talking smack” to each other, unless if you’re likely to be offended by the offensive language in this video, so I hope you all enjoy this video, and watch at your own risk.


Dead by Daylight game play

So I have been playing Dead by Daylight for a little while now, but I don’t do so well when it comes to playing scary games like this, although this is a exciting game to play with friends. When you play with friends, you can play as a survivor to escape from your friend that is the killer, or try to kill all of your friends in the game. I highly recommend for any gamer who is interested into games that are like “cat and mouse” feel like that they should play Dead by Daylight. You can choose to play any survivor or any killer as the game itself has multiple characters to choose from.

I do have a video that I would like to show some of the game play that I captured while playing Dead by Daylight. Some of the characters that I mostly play is Jake Park, and played a few games with different killers with other randoms.

Be ware that I want to issue a volume warning because scary games do come off as surprising and scary at times for me. Let me know how do you feel about this game, and also comment down below the blog post if you have played this game before or if you liked the content in the video!