Happiness is waking up in time to watch the sunrise on your balcony, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. No worries at all, might even check out your social platforms, and reflect on your day. Nothing beats a well-deserved break when you bust your butt aspiring to become that well rounded individual that we all create in our own minds. Oh, the wonderful thoughts of leisure and travel when the month of March rolls around. Here are a couple things to try when visiting the sunny city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

  1. Soak in The Sun

Soaking IMG_1274in that summer sun, and dipping those toes in the cool waves of the Atlantic Ocean are an absolute must. Nothing beats the 70-degree weather and warm sand squeezing between your toes. If you’re not into the sand and sea shells, that’s cool too! All the resorts along the beach have their own private outside pool deck. If you’re lucky you may have an indoor pool, lazy river, and poolside bar. Although it may not be sunny every single day in the month of March, you’ll still find yourself enjoying the breezy day.

  1. Bye, Bye Comfort Zone!

There are so many things to do while in Myrtle, from high ropes courses, EscaIMG_2047pe Rooms, Theme parks, and Watersports. I’d personally say start with the most thrilling and go from there. The helicopter ride is a must too! $20 bucks for 2 miles, or $40 for 7 miles, what a steal! Parasailing was my favorite. The banana boat ride to the boat in which we para-sailed off was the most thrilling part. Once you’re in the air its makes you speechless, and whether you’re with your friends or your significant other its bound to make you reflect on life and your relationships thus far.

  1. Day Trip!IMG_1437 (2)

If you’re looking to get away from the tourist area, Charleston is the way to go! It’s about a two-hour ride southwest of Myrtle Beach. There you will find the art district, theater’s, Market Street, a very local atmosphere and timeless photo opportunities of the city. Maybe you’ll even find the secret to this photo…


  1. Gotta’ Eat Good

Oh, how much I love to eIMG_1386 (2)at when I’m someplace new. If you don’t do anything else, be sure to always eat good! Seafood is a must in South Carolina. You’ll find many seafood restaurants on every corner. Joe’s Crab Shack at Broadway at the beach is a great start. Beach House Bar & Grill is Sooo good, you can decide on almost any typical meal that is decently priced. Taco’s and Tequilas opened just this last week. They have an endless list if different types of Tequila served in double shot glasses, and you can’t pass up delicious steak tacos on a Tuesday!

  1. Broadway by the Beach

If you’re tired of roaming the main boardwalk by the beach,IMG_1365 Broadway at the Beach (ironically, it’s not near the beach but there is a beautiful lake in the center of it) is the place to go! If you’re looking for a great area to walk around, maybe shop, possibly get a pamphlet full of coupons, this is the place to go. Its full of bars, and this is also where most of the nightlife happens.


The clocks have moved forward, there more sunlight in the day, the weather is becoming lovelier by the day! Take a trip, even a weekend stay will give you everything you need in a well-deserved vacation, even if it’s only 3 days.

Catch Ya’ Later, Na’ndi