Week 4


Week 4 has been fun and relaxing. I’m still walking approximately 50 minutes each morning and reading (actually I’ve done some work this past week as well). The pictures shown here are of a moose I encountered this morning. He was about 25 feet off the road I walk down each morning.

I was startled at seeing him, as I walk with music and earphones and didn’t160621_0002 hear him eating. Our eyes suddenly met (he was staring straight at me), which stopped me dead in my tracks. Pretty crazy. We both decided to mind our own business which made my heart rate slow down significantly.

I finished one book this week. It was Mary Louise Parker’s Dear Mr. You. A memoir of sorts, I found her writing witty and delightful. I would highly recommend it. I’m also reading Michael Eric Dyson’s The Black Presidency: Obama and the Politics of Race in America. Although quite thought-provoking, Dyson’s book is slow going as it contains a great deal to unpack. Today I started reading Hunter Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Very interesting, but I’ll talk more about it later.


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