Settling into the rhythms of summer…

GLAlex and I (and our pets) arrived in Grand Lake 1 week ago. We’ve spent a good part of the week settling into the 3-room dwelling that we will call home most of the summer. After some reorganizing, I think we’ve finally gotten situated in a way that will work for us. We’ve had to figure out the correct configurations for our cats, which is new for us.

I guess the most interesting takeaway from week 1 was the difference in the weather. Traditionally we’ve always vacationed in Colorado in July. The weather is considerably cooler in late May. Our recent drive up to Trail Ridge Road is a great example. Normally there is little to no snow on top of the mountain in July. However, as the pics below show, this is not the case in late May.

trailridge2 trailridge1

Another difference we’ve noticed is how quiet the town is in late May. Last evening we walked up and down the boardwalk and counted maybe 25 cars on Main Street. Again, this is quite different compared to July.

What is NOT different is the beauty of the mountains. Deep blue sky, the smell of the pines in the air and gorgeous mountainous landscape.


Just finished Whitewashing the South by Kristen Lavelle (would definitely recommend) and Maine: by Courtney J. Sullivan. Sullivan’s book was good, but I still struggle with becoming bored while reading fiction.

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