Fall 2014 Semester is here…

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You probably haven’t stumbled onto this blog. Chances are you being somewhat coerced to visit my humble social chat site. No matter the reason: Welcome!

Above are some pics from this past summer. Hope you enjoyed yours.

I blog once per week. Almost always on Sundays after MY TEAM whips some other lowly NFL team. Some of my posts are brief reactions to videos, while others may comments regarding a short article. Not all focus on criminology/sociology, but many do.

Please note that your first comment will be held until I approve it. After that it should automatically post to the site.

Importantly, I welcome differing points of view. However, I won’t tolerate language that disparages another person’s opinion (I will take it down). All of us need to learn how to respectfully disagree. Keeping an open mind is always nice as well (watch out, you might learn something new).

My first official post for the semester will be September 7.

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