Something from the past…or future?

This week’s ARTICLE¬†focuses on something old (some of you may not even remember polaroid pics) being brought back to the present. I found it quite interesting since so many people take all their pictures on their phones. This company is attempting to bring back the old polaroid days claiming that only “paper is permanent”. Hmm, interesting…thoughts?

10 responses to “Something from the past…or future?”

  1. Ariana Hansen says:

    In today’s technological era, polaroid’s would not be popular because it is too much of a niche. The quality of polaroid’s are not as great as other pictures and cameras that we have in the 21st century. The clarity of the picture isn’t as good as some phones now a days, let alone the cameras we now have. Also, the polaroid camera itself isn’t compact enough for today’s on the go lifestyle that most people live.

  2. Jessica Ortiz says:

    I think that it wouldn’t be successful because of technology today. everyone take their picture on their phones and their are apps on the phones to put different effects on them to make it seem like it a professional picture. Polaroids aren’t able to do that and it is just gonna take up space in a house if their are a lot of picture taken on the Polaroid camera.

  3. Amber Nichols says:

    I remember Polaroids and loved taking them when I was younger, but unfortunately the film got too expensive to buy and then they eventually stopped selling it all together. I would love to see this type of print/camera make a come-back. I would certainly use it. I loved the convenience of being able to take a picture and having it available instantly to display and share with friends. While the feature of sharing pictures instantly is available now through digital cameras and social media sites, it’s not the same as having a hard copy. The benefit of the Polaroids coming back and this store opening is that we get the past of both worlds pretty much. We can store our pictures on our computers or use social media to obtain them, but we can also print them out using the Polaroid format. So I would be able to have hard copy and a backup copy in case anything happened to it because paper isn’t always permanent. Picture can be lost in a fire or ripped or taken, or any number of things. And with digital images they can be deleted or lost due to a virus. So I think being able to have both is the best option. I wish this store all the best and hope that it succeeds because I would definitely like to see this brand come back.

  4. Joey Pierron says:

    To be honest I don’t think it will work out well for this company. Although, it seemed like they are confident with their sales pitch. However, this idea has already manifested itself in our culture today. You are able to go numerous places to print off photos from digital sites such as Facebook or Instagram. Although, for those who were die-hard Polaroid users, it may be successful, but I still see it as a selective market in my eyes and I don’t think it will catch on with the general public.

  5. mariah galarza says:

    I like the idea of them bring Polaroids back, when I was younger I loved taking thousands of pictures of myself and all my toys. As time changed and technology increased with better digital cameras and camera phones Polaroids became extinct. Polaroids have become something like cassettes and VHS. I feel that those things are ancient and eventually will be worth a lot of money as time continues and technology continues to increase. I believe that things from the past have more value and produce a different affect. I would definitely support the return of Polaroids but there is a down fall to this which is the amount of profit would be very minimal.

  6. Laura Schwartz says:

    I think the idea of bringing Polaroid pictures back is good, but I don’t think that it will do well in the long run. Society is always moving forward and although the makers are working with technology such as Facebook, and pictures taken on different kinds of phones, making these pictures into Polaroids would be a step backward. There are ways of getting pictures off of phones and producing excellent quality prints so there is really no need to bring back Polaroid pictures. It would most likely end up costing the business money.

  7. Jenna Otterholt says:

    I think it’s an awesome idea. However, my opinion is probably the opposite of most people these days. I don’t have a smartphone so I still have to take pictures with a digital camera. Even though I can see the pictures right away, they’re not forever unless I print them. For example, when I went to Germany 3 years ago, I took tons of pictures and put them on facebook and saved them on my computer. Reading this article makes me want to print all of them and put them in an album. So, personally speaking, I think this would be an awesome business. I’m just not sure if everyone else would agree with me.

  8. Kirstyn Behling says:

    I really like the idea of bringing back photos and keeping them in a physical sense. When I was little, I got a camera of my own and I was always so excited to get the developed pictures back. Now, since getting my digital camera and phone, all of my photos exist on a device or my computer. Like the article said, this makes people sad and I am of no exception. Nobody takes pride in having hundreds of pictures stored on their computer, but the person who puts them in frames and around their house can show that pride. I do have to be honest that I’m not sure how well this will go over, considering you can get your pictures developed at a Walgreens or somewhere else already. The idea of bringing back the Polaroid is very cool to me, and now that we have so many hipsters I’m sure they’ll want to take pictures a different way that isn’t too mainstream. But, for the majority, I’m not sure how well this is going to go over. Again, I love the idea and I think it’s very cool, but I don’t know if it will have the results that Struhl hopes for.

  9. Taysia Justus says:

    With the advancement of technology today, I don’t think that these fotobars will be successful. First off, many people don’t print off pictures simply because it costs money, and they will end up sitting in a drawer somewhere and forgotten about. In addition to that, when you have your pictures backed up to different websites, flash drives, cd’s, etc. it is much more likely that you will never lose these and you can’t spill on them, or have them accidentally burn somewhere. It’s also inconvenient to go have pictures printed, I know with Walgreens you can send your pictures digitally to them and you can drive and pick them up in an hour or so. That is much more convenient than driving to get pictures printed.

  10. Kate Hazelbauer says:

    The store has a good starting idea but I don’t think that it will bring in enough customers over time. People take pictures on their iPhone or cameras and then directly upload it to their computers/facebook/instagram, (that’s exactly what i do). At rare times do people actually print out the pictures because it costs too much money and these fotobars are do just that–they are just a place where people can print out the pictures. The fotobars will have competition with the printers at places like Walgreens, Walmart, OscoDrug, etc. Besides, if I’m going to print a picture, I (personally) would rather not have the Polaroid “signature” white border.

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