Plain Jane?

Anyone know who this is? She recently had this “plain jane” picture taken, which will be published in a entertainment magazine.  Any ideas? Click HERE to find out.

My question this week is which look do you like more? The dressed up or plain jane one? Both seem pretty nice to me.  Does our society really need all the cosmetic makeup, hair extensions, and coloring stuff? Thoughts?

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  1. Brianne Coffey says:

    No way! I never would have guessed. At first, I thought that she was Kate Winslet. Definitely, the natural look is much better than the dressed up one.

    In my opinion, there is so much emphasis on artificial beauty that we forget what we look like naturally or can no longer accept ourselves for the way we look without being done up. Though women have been pressured to improve their appearance on a continuous basis through use of the latest fads and devices, whether by society & the media or by pressuring themselves, men have grown increasingly aware of their outward appearance and smell (i.e. the metro-sexual).

    Though basic grooming is essential (showering on a regular basis, I don’t believe that we have to look like “supermodels”.

  2. Rosalinda Martinez says:

    I could tell it was Jessica Simpson and I definitely think she looks more beautiful in the “plain jane” picture. I wish society would applaud and encourage the natural look instead of making women feel like they have to “put on their face” to go out.

    I had a very supportive mother that always reminded me I was beautiful no matter what and it had made me confident enough to not always have to wear make up. However, I once had a job where I was told I had to wear make up. I did not stay there long. I feel better without it and I know it is much better for my skin. I find the rate at which younger and younger girls are beginning to wear make up alarming. I hope that more celebrities join this au naturalle trend.

  3. Larry Whitaker says:

    I agree with both of the women ahead of me. I think both pictures are beautiful, but if I was picking one I would go with the more natural look. I would go with the more natural look on most women though I like them to look like themselves instead having a pile of makeup and eyeliner on. And whatever else they use, I knew it was Jessica Simpson though only because I saw that picture before on AOL.

  4. stephanie dimaggio says:

    I did not know this was Jessica Simpson, even though I heard she did this for a magazine. I think that more girls look alot better with no makeup. I personally dont wear make up and I love that I dont need it to make myself look beautiful. I think if more girls did not wear makeup they would appreciate their selves more for their real beauty, not covered up by all that product. But I also think on the other hand that girls look just that much better with makeup. If you look good without then you will look 10 times better with make up. I think society has made women think they need makeup to make themselves look better when in all reality most men like girl who are naturally beautiful.

  5. Josh Klute says:

    The “Plain Jane” picture looks better. A majority of society believes that girls need to be all dressed up. I personally don’t think so. Natural beauty is much better than cosmetic beauty. Girls who say they “need” to put make-up on are insecure about themselves. Looks aren’t everything and why cover up your trueself.

    My ex-fiancée never wore make-up, nor did I want her to because I liked her for who she was, not for what she looked like with make up on. People make looks and cosmetic so important when they truly are not.

  6. Amelia Ortiz says:

    I like both looks because Jessica Simpson is a natural beauty so technically she does not need the make-up, hair extension, and other plastic accessories to be beautiful. With her career choice though she does need to be glamourous, in order to stay relevant, and for people to want to see her. Our society does put an enormous amount of emphasis on beauty and appearances,but with the access to botox, surgeries, and other beautifying methods it is understandable why there is such an obsession for women to stay young and beautiful. Young girls today have it so rough because they are striving for an unrealistic image that is created by photoshop and airbrushing, but when you are in the media, you are selling a brand/image and must keep up with the trends.

    I commend Jessica Simpson for making a stand against Hollywood, but I do wonder if it is more publicity for her new show? I feel if that is your career, you must do what it takes to keep your career, but for the regular woman there must be a new interpretation of what beauty really is.

  7. Megan Clementi says:

    I like the natural looking one, she looks better in my opinion. I believe that people look more beautiful by looking themselves, looking natural. If you have to put all of this stuff on to make other people happy or think you are beautiful then you are not being yourself but a person that other people want to see.

    Society has a particular image of what men or women are supposed to look like. This image is impossible to get but people try with all the surgeries, hair extensions and make up to make it a reality. People think that if they do not look like the “barbie doll” supermodel that something is wrong and they will never be accepted. Society is not based on reality but fantasy.

    I do not like to wear a lot of make up and I prefer to wear my bluejeans and sweatshirts. That is me! I like to be comfortable and natural because when somebody sees me, I want them to see who I am.

  8. Alex Fricke says:

    I had no idea who this was, I thought that this person was just a generic non-popular model. I think that in society we need to take a huge step back from all of this fake make-up type of world that we live in and start to recognize real and natural beauty in everybody. More and more people are trying to become a model and trying to get surgical procedures done to themselves which is not good. People should be happy about how they look no matter what, and the media makes people feel bad about themselves.

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