New Communication Technologies

Media in Today’s World

These three videos all talk about the effects of social media or media in general on society. The TED talk goes into specifics about how people go to social media for everything, how influencers show an unrealistic side of the world. That people spend too much time being online and parts of us or society is being replaced digitally. Social media is starting to affect social problems and bring awareness but not necessarily bringing change. The second video talks overall about media interacting with culture. This will affect how people use media, share knowledge, interact with other people, and more. Technology is not always a limit, rather how people use technology is the limit (114). Finally, the last video talks about copyright and brings up convergence culture, how everything is across as many media channels as it could. Take a website about dogs, anyone from a person in a café to someone at their desk job are viewing the same website. Media also helps us keep an eye on problems, as people on social media keep bringing up problems constantly. All of these videos collectively talk about how media affects society and the individual problems it can cause. In life we have to be careful not to be too sucked into media.

  • Facebook and Media

    February 16, 2024