Fall 2012 Exhibition Schedule

Fall 2012 Exhibition Schedule

Fall 2012 Exhibits

artWORK: an exhibit for our times

September 6 – October 6

While it may seem to be stating the obvious, artists make artwork, a process of labor, and also create artwork that depicts labor.  Whether it is scenes of farming, fishing and logging in prints created by noted educator and artist Robert Von Neumann or WPA textile designs, our state has a rich history of work and working people.  The recent demonstrations at the State Capital in Madison emphasize the power of workers and the depth of feeling about work and working conditions. The exhibition will utilize material from the holdings of the Crossman Gallery Collection and special loans to create a multi layered exhibit.  Elections in both local and national political races will provide an apt background for the exhibit.

This is the End My Friend: Visions of Post Apocalyptic Worlds

October 17 – November 17

Over the past few years, many have pointed to the supposed end of the world as seen in the Maya calendar that seems to show an end point of December 21, 2012.  This exhibit, scheduled to take place before that end, will look at both historic and contemporary artists who have illustrated The End.  We are fortunate to have in our Permanent Collection a number of works created in Post World War I Germany.  Internationally renowned collectors Marvin and Janet Fishman donated the items and the work demonstrates the depth of the devastation that took place in Germany following the end of the Great War.  This group of drawings and prints by George Grosz, Rudolf Schlichter and Wilhelm Höpfner depict macabre scenes reflecting the post war chaos and destruction of lives and property.  In work by more contemporary artists we will see evidence of another round of anxiety brought on by fears of global conflicts and economic collapse.

The exhibit will include examples from the Permanent Collection, and special loans from artists and collectors.  Proposed artists include John Balsley, Tom Berenz, Jeffrey Bogartte, Steven Burnham, Sue Coe, Warrington Colescott, Jessie and Ronald Cooper, Karl Jahnke, Maxim Kantor, Käthe Kollwitz, Norbert Kox and William Thompson, Richard Notkin, Jean-Pierre Roy, James Stephens and Keiichi Tanaami.  Other artists are also under consideration.

Scholarship and Creative Achievement Exhibition

Tuesday, November 20th

The Twenty-fifth Annual Recognition Reception will take place on Tuesday November 20 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm in the Crossman Gallery. The exhibit will be open for viewing on Tuesday, November 20, from 10am-5pm and 6pm-8pm.

BFA Entry and Junior Review

November 26 – 30

Faculty members utilize the review to select new students for entry into the BFA Program and to assess the progress and graduation status of Junior BFA track students.

BFA Exhibition

December 3-8

Reception, December 3 from 6 until 8 pm

Students graduating from the Department of Art and Design present their creative work in these group shows. The exhibits typically feature works in all fine arts media including painting, drawing, printmaking, book arts, sculpture, metals, ceramics and computer assisted design. The exhibit features Jennifer Yunker and Beth Zarden-Benson.