Hey there. Me again. Here to talk to you about something kinda different! 

Normally, my blogs are centered around something very commuter specific. This topic, however, is more loosely based in my commuting theme. In case the title didn’t already give it away, I want to talk about Sundays!!!!

When I was a resident in an on campus residence hall, I felt a lot of pressure to utilize my Sundays to the best of my ability. It was normally my laundry day and the day where I tried to get the most work done as possible.

While I still do my best to get some work done on Sundays, I have found that my Sunday routine has changed quite a bit since I started commuting.

I seem to have one of two types of Sundays.

1: Sharp Sunday: This is the Sunday where I am on my game. I am awake early in the morning, I go to church with my family, and I spend the rest of the day out and about or getting my stuff done! I like these Sundays a lot because even though I am getting something done, it is usually something enjoyable… so I don’t mind at all!

2. Slouchy Sundays: This kind of Sunday is just as wonderful! This is the Sunday where I leave my bed ONLY to eat. I never change out of my button-up, sheep themed pajamas and I hopefully get to sit by the fire and watch a movie with my family. Obviously, this kind of Sunday is not the most active or attractive version of myself, but it benefits me in many other ways.

You see, what I have realized about my Sunday experiences is that because I am at home and physically distant from the craziness that is college, I am finally able to enjoy my Sundays. Commuting has given me the opportunity to remember what it is like to spend my Sunday around loved ones and just relaxing and taking a mental and sometimes even a physical break.

I hope that this blog reminds my fellow commuters – and even my readers who don’t commute – to spend your weekends the way that you want to spend them! Enjoy, relax, get your stuff done, go to the gym, shop! I don’t know! Do what you love! That’s the best thing you can do.