Seasonal Changes-2

You know what I hate more than anything in the world.. especially as a commuter?!


Okay, I actually love clothes. I love going through Pinterest and finding new outfit combinations which inspire me. So I guess I don’t hate clothes… rather I hate the process of planning my outfit the night before.

I have never been a fan of this method. I constantly hear people preaching about the importance of laying out your clothes for the next day the night before and I have just never been able to jump on board with it. If it works for you, then by all means continue to do it! However, for those of you who feel my pain, I think I have some preparation advice for you!

My personal favorite tactic for picking out an outfit is to think about it in the shower. I have nothing better to think about during that time in my morning, so I try to think about what clothes I would like to wear. To clarify, I do shower in the morning so I am thinking with a fresh mind and I know what my mood for that day is going to be like. This usually works really well for me! However, if for some reason I just cannot think about what to wear, I move on to plan B.

Plan B is where I lay on my bed with my Pinterest page open and search for parts of an outfit which I already know I want to wear. For example, if I know that I want to wear a striped shirt but I don’t know what I want to wear it with, I type in “striped shirt” and look through the results until I find something that I like! Now, if this tactic does not work, there is always plan C!

Plan C is something I like to call “stand in my closet until the perfect outfit jumps out at me!!!” This hardly ever works for me but it is still worth a shot! Then, I move on to plan D!

Plan D is where you just through on your favorite leggings/athletic pants/ sweat pants and a sweatshirt! This is college! You don’t have to impress everyone every single day!

So there you have it! The best advice I can offer as far as clothing goes! I hope you find it helpful! Please feel free to comment below if you have other suggestions!